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End of Tenancy Cleaning Facts

  • Reputable company with vast experience and great customer feedbacks
  • Meticulous and disciplined cleaning experts
  • Professional cleaning tools and detergents, with no additional charge
  • Organisation of the whole cleaning process, without any disturbance to the customer
  • 48 hours guarantee for the smooth pass of the final check out
As a tenant, you should be aware of all the peculiarities of the lease contract and the legal consequences, if you don’t comply with them.

In every tenancy agreement, you are obliged to hand back the property in the same condition, as it was before you moved in.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Studio Flat
    from £89
  • One Bedroom Flat
    from £145
  • Two Bedroom Flat
    from £165
  • Three Bedroom Flat
    from £189

This include professional cleaning of the whole property and that is our expertise. Rely on our end of tenancy cleaning services, which we deliver in Harrow and ensure that you stay clear of any problems.

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choose suitable day and time for you
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Over the years of hard work and evolving, we have managed to verse our skills and knowledge in that particular field. Now, we dictate the rules and the highest standards to which all of our competitors can’t be even close. At the heart of our success is our cleaning team. It consists of assiduous and diligent people, trained in all the cleaning methods. They sanitise the whole property from top to bottom, leaving shining results for all surfaces.

By hiring professionals, you anticipate not to move even a finger and to get your deposit back. Well, that is possible with us. We provide all the cleaning materials and detergents, all of best quality.

The final inventory inspection is the last step of your moving out, but definitely not the easiest. The inspector or the landlord will check every nook of the property with the main goal to keep your deposit. It is not a secret that our end of tenancy cleaning services in Harrow are way inexpensive than your bond.

In this trade what matters most are the results. We are oriented to provide only pristine cleanliness, no matter of the mess. The bigger the challenge is, the happier we are. For years some of the biggest letting agencies in Harrow are our customers. That’s how we “cultivated” our end of tenancy cleaning services to accommodate all of your needs.

Retrieve more information from our friendly assistants, who are around-the-clock at your disposal. They will provide you with personal estimate for free and make an appointment in the best time for you. The deposit will be in your wallet with us!

Dylan: I was recently told about this company’s amazing end of tenancy cleaning and when we moved out of the house last Wednesday we had the entire house cleaned by their cleaners. The team was very professional and was equipped with everything they needed. I was very happy with how everything turned out thanks to this service.

Elaine: I own an apartment in my apartment building that I sublet and since it is usually college students that live there I constantly find myself in need of an end of tenancy cleaning service. I have been using this company’s end of tenancy cleaning service for a couple of years now and I have always been very happy with their service, their results and their prices.