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End of Tenancy Cleaning Facts

Here is what we have for you:

  • End of tenancy cleaning in accordance with the highest standard
  • Prices unbeatable in the whole Enfield
  • The most modern cleaning equipment included in the price as well
  • Plenty of friendly and responsive call centre representatives
  • A guarantee for your landlord’s satisfaction
If you are about to move out from a property in Enfield, don’t put your deposit at risk and hire a couple of our disciplined and comprehensive cleaning experts to carry out the final cleaning and help you move out without any complications.

You can rest assured that they will work hard and deliver the level of cleanliness your landlord expects to see.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Studio Flat
    from £89
  • One Bedroom Flat
    from £145
  • Two Bedroom Flat
    from £165
  • Three Bedroom Flat
    from £189

Grab the phone and give us a call! Our decent prices, flexible schedule and hard working cleaners make us your best alternative for an end of tenancy cleaning in Enfield.

call us
choose suitable day and time for you
let us do the cleaning and get your deposit back

We are a reliable company with vast experience in end of tenancy cleaning. During our long practice, we have helped hundreds of tenants and the high results of our work are recognised by everyone. Our main priority is to provide an efficient cleaning solution every time, therefore, we have an individual approach towards each customer.

By working with us you are making the right choice because our company was established several years ago and ever since then we have been carefully selecting the cleaning experts in our team. We are proud to say that our operatives possess all the required expertise and professional equipment to clean deeply any property. Plus, they are thoroughly trained, which enables them to use specialised cleaning methods and strategies.

Choose our company and forget about the stress of moving out. We know how important it is for you to return the property in excellent condition and we won’t disappoint you. Let’s work together and surprise your landlord with an exceptional level of cleanliness.

As a customer focused company, we give you the possibility to contact us if there are any problems within 48 hours upon completion of the cleaning. Our cleaners will visit you again and take care of any specific areas.

Ellen: I have to say that I really enjoyed using this cleaning service. The end of tenancy cleaning team who came to clean the house was very detailed and thorough. I was quite impressed with their work and with the price that I paid which was quite reasonable.

Patrick: My moving out went very smoothly and it was all thanks to this company. I hired their end of tenancy cleaning service and they did a great job. My landlady was super happy when she saw her flat sparkling clean and gave me my deposit back. I would recommend this service!